i am drunk and what is this?

First off, I’m really, really drunk on cheap wine. So stop reading… Or go on…

If you’ve made it this far, then you have a longer attention span than the average 6 year-old… (I just made that up…) Or care about what I have to say while stupidly drunk.


Okay, some time has passed since I typed whatever was above. I should probably get on about how I’ve made a comeback and I’m writing my first post since 2009; and since this is technically an animu blog, I’ll try to focus on the new shows that came out for the Spring season.


Expectations: Lolis? Check! Underwear? Check! Fan service? Check! *Desirable masturbation lotion* Ch-HA-ha, not so fast…

Reality: Wait, you’re telling me it’s not just some junk harem/fan service show?

Results: After watching the first two episodes, I’m still looking forward to the third episode. I’m not counting down the days, but I will watch it when it comes out. It reminds me of Kodomo no Jikan without feeling embarrassed about watching it in public or admitting to watching it… Well, I did put off watching it in the library since I was sitting at a table with a lot of traffic… But still, it’s not as blatantly dirty as KnJ in my opinion since the main character does seem to have an innocent love for underwear.

Sora no Woto

Expectations: So it’s like Strike Witches (which I haven’t finished watcing) and K-ON, right?

Reality: Trumpetah! Also no shootan, except when they get scared of owls.

Results: While the animation is very fluid and pleasant on my eyes, I can’t ignore how moeblob the characters’ style is. The story is still very vague and open-ended as of episode two, but I’m going to watch the next episode.

Ladies Vs. Butlers

Expectations: So it’s like Kanokon, right?

Reality: Yeah, but it’s in a school setting with a TWIST.

Results: I watched two episodes sober and as I type this with the effects of cheap wine still lingering in my noggin’, I expect that I’d enjoy this show and facepalm 90% less if I was completely hammered. The story and setting are just convenient requisites for retarded levels of fan service. While this isn’t as possibly extreme as Seikon no Quasar, it’s on par with Kanokon (still haven’t finished that series geeeeeez)

Omamori Himari

Expectactions: Nothing.

Reality: It’s like Spice and Wolf, but it’s it’s got a more present setting and Horo is a sword-wielding catgirl. Throw in some comedic aspects/relief and some hints of action/badassery to come and you’ve got Omamori Himari.

Results: I’ve got the second episode paused as I write this, but watching the series’ antics under the influence is a lot more entertaining and watchable than sober. (It’s probably one of those x-amount facepalms/minute kind of shows for me…)

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu

Expectactions: Comedy with a bit of romance/harem in a typical school setting…with a TWIST.

Reality: What I expected.

Results: I’m still going to watch the third episode, but every episode/battle ruins what I had in mind of the series’ true potential with its tiered classroom system. I just somehow imagined it to more than “Oh, I got an A in Math and you got a B. I do over 9000 damage. GG.”

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Expectations: LOLI + VAMPIRE + BUND (wtf is bund?)

Reality: LOLI + VAMPIRE + Code Geass

Results: You’ll only get that jab if you saw the comparison of the first episode of Code Geass and DVB, but honestly, how did I not see that? I haven’t read the manga and I don’t really intend to, but I will go on watching episode three and maybe even four as long as the series stays far fucking away from how it introduced itself in episode one.


Expectations: idk didn’t watch baccano

Reality: …Go on…??

Results: I guess I should better explain myself. I dived into this series not knowing or giving a fuck about what came before it or whatever. I just dived in face-first. Episode one was a very eccentric if not pretentious intro to a somewhat interesting plot. The characters were interesting enough, but I didn’t feel the story take off or capture my interest in any way. Once I finished episode two, I slowly saw a different side to the series (literally huhu). Episode three will be looked forward to, but I wonder if life-sized cardboard Horo will make any more appearances?


Expectations: Nothing.

Reality: It’s Higurashi and Code Geass.

Results: Again with the references. I saw a screencap comparing the main character to Lelouche and his sister to be Nunally. That’s basically it. The Higurashi part was actually my opinion after watching the first two episodes. So far it’s been very bland and somewhat unrealistic (new kid in small town school, he’s a celebrity/popular). It’s got the small town mystery of Higurashi, but you know, with wolves and oranges (or something similar to oranges). I don’t expect much from episode three and this is probably a series that I will drop.

Seikon no Quasar

Expectations: He draws his power from breast milk?!

Reality: Religious action with a desparate draw for viewers.

Results: What can I say? The second religion is thrown into a series, my interest/expectation drops to about room temperature. Not even censored breastfeeding will save the series for me. Episode three will probably be the last episode I see of this series.

Hanamaru Yochien

Expectations: …It can’t be like KnJ…Right?!

Reality: Phew, it’s not.

Results: Okay, closet-pervs, it’s not some perversion of kindergarteners. It’s quite an innocent slice of life with a hint of comedy and it just so happens to be set around a kindgarten. Other than the INNOCENT one-sided love-affair that the main character has with her caregiver, it’s full-on cute and chuckles. This is a series that would easily kill some time and increase my level of ‘beetus, but given my current situation in school, I might just have to drop it due to time constraints.

Holy balls, I’ve covered 10 brand new series of this season and have passed my temporary judgement on them all. While the judgement is short, I feel I’ve said all I’ve wanted to say about these series so far. I’ve also learned that the ecstatic feeling of jumpstarting a drunken post in my neglected blog is short-lived and nosedives straight into the not-fun zone as I realize have to THINK CRITICALLY and put my thoughts down COMPREHENSIVELY dsfargeg

See you later, space cowboy, or however the fuck it goes.


1 Response to “i am drunk and what is this?”

  1. 1 feal87 February 19, 2011 at 3:01 am

    Ookami Kakushi is pretty fine as story and background. The only problem is the ending…hell if it’s lame…

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