the return of the bad one


Second: This blog will no longer be updated.

Third: I may or may not come crawling back to wordpress if tumblr isn’t all that and a bag of chips.


i am drunk and what is this?

First off, I’m really, really drunk on cheap wine. So stop reading… Or go on…

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saki, twelfth impression side-note

I’ll keep this one really short. I’ve been blazing past yuri-mahjong animu Saki the past few days and this is the most epic moment thus far for me:

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umineko no naku koro ni, impressions one through four

I picked up this series because it sounded really similar to that book about these people who are trapped on this island and they get killed one by one mysteriously. I think it’s “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, but I could be wrong.

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anime saimoe tournament 2009

I discovered this tournament 2 years ago on Moetron. The first year I was as confused as hell. Moetron was updating pretty much daily with a post that had pictures of 2-4 characters and a winner out of them. By 2008’s tournament, I began to understand and even mentally picked a few characters that I wanted to win. Now it’s time for the 2009 run and I’ve spent a good half hour editing the main tournament bracket picture found on Moetron to share with everyone my picks.

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haruhi second season, third impression

I’ll keep this short…

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shangri-la, impressions one through twelve

There’s some (old) marketing lingo/theory out there that says innovative products/services not only satisfy/fulfill a need/want in a customer, they go beyond and have a lasting “wow” effect. This is what Shangri-La is doing for me.

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